Thousands of Teachers Accessing MyPLgoals

Thousands of teachers across the state are accessing MyPLgoals. Teachers in schools that are using Momentum ESR are automatically provided with access to MyPLgoals.

Through Momentum ESR’s established data syncing with the NSW Public Schools' administration systems, schools are instantly set-up with school wide teaching accounts for MyPLgoals.

Single sign-on access makes it a seamless transition for teachers to move between supporting students, accessing departmental programs, and managing their professional learning, career development and accreditation requirements.

Teachers using Momentum ESR are directly benefiting from the ease at which evidences from a student’s learning can be simply included with MyPLgoals.

Momentum ESR has been supporting schools to deliver academic reports since 2005 and, also, over the last five years with their requirements for attendance, well-being and summative and formative academic assessment.

Helping teachers to track and manage their professional learning, career development and accreditation requirements with MyPLgoals is a complementary service that will see all Momentum ESR teachers save hundreds of hours of work.