MGoals Integration With MyPLgoals

Teachers using MGoals to support students with personalised learning will be able to effortlessly access MyPLgoals. The 400 plus schools using MGoals have had MyPLgoals activated for all teachers.

This activation allows teachers to seamlessly utilise the MyPLgoals platform, in tandem with MGoals, to access outcomes achieved by their students. This student outcome data can then be used by teachers as evidence of their practice. This process maintains the confidentiality and security of student identity, whilst enabling the requirement for teachers to provide evidence of practice.

Professional learning goals set by teachers, within MyPLgoals, can be facilitated and demonstrated through MGoals with students in the classroom. This as alignment between teaching and learning goals delivers best practice and saves teachers hundreds of hours, as compared with products that do not encompass a teacher/student outcome mapping functionality.